We build AI-based Systems

We bring cutting-edge AI research to production.


We are rooted in science. Our solutions are based on the latest technologies and research findings.


Successful projects are based on a structured approach. We bring the experience to build solutions efficiently.


Proprietary models allow us to provide AI services both on-premise and as services.

We tailor AI and deliver what you cannot buy in the cloud.

News, Media &

When processing natural language texts, semantic text comprehension is often essential. This is provided by our models and enables tasks such as automated summarization of text.

Sports, Talents &

Human action recognition is an important task in many sports. We enable the recognition of players and their pose as well as the evaluation of movement execution.

Medicine &

We work closely with leading medical research institutions, physicians and clinics. For example, our models help to optimize infectious disease treatment processes in hospitals.

Banks &

Identification of fraud patterns or automated text and form processing through entity recognition make the digital transformation of business processes a reality.

Specialized &
innovative applications

Innovations cannot be bought ready-made, they have to be developed. We bring all perspectives together and work with our customers to develop highly specialized solutions that really make a difference.

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  • AI and software engineering, why do I need both?

    We believe that solid software engineering is the foundation for AI applications. Because AI without software is nothing. For this reason, our team consists of both machine learning experts who design, train, adapt and evaluate models. As well as software engineers, who build data processing pipelines, adapt our components to your interfaces and also make our models available as services in your network.

  • Do you use AI models from cloud service providers?

    Our goal is to provide the right model for your application. Use cases are very different, so prefabricated models often cannot meet the requirements without additional customization. For this reason, we rely on the latest research findings and use pre-trained models ourselves, which we can adapt to your needs down to the last neuron.

  • What does it mean to tame a model?

    We rely on pre-trained models that we adapt to specific applications. This way, several companies can benefit from the same models without having to repeat the initial training effort. With relatively small amounts of data, a wild model can be tamed to perform the task at hand.


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AI-written texts


Improved patient life

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We are scientists, software engineers and machine learning experts.

We enable projects through years of experience from research and industry.

We make projects successful through intrinsic motivation and a hands-on mentality.

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