We build AI-based systems.

Tamed for your business.

Wild enough for a revolution.

Our Mission

Artificial intelligence is a core driver for innovations in almost all fields.
But only if done right.
Besides algorithmic excellence, successfull projects require experience in software engineering and a deep understanding of business needs.
That’s what we offer.
Combining research and practice, we don’t merely talk about AI-based systems.
We build them.

Features and Details

We integrate and transform data, build perfectly coordinated machine learning models, and transfer them into productive operation. Everything in one place, highly automated, and always under your control.

Data Adapters

We provide data adapters for all major data formats and databases. With only a little information about the data structure, we can integrate any data into our platform and process it fully automatically. All this in a scalable infrastructure designed to handle terabytes of data. Our integration process cleans up the data and ensures the necessary data quality for further processing.

Data Augmentation

Sometimes it takes a little more knowledge. Our platform allows to extend data automatically with additional information about weather, traffic, holidays, and more. We integrate different data providers in one place and remove the need for additional contracts and technical effort.

Prebuild Models

We already implemented all essential algorithms into our platform and can quickly select those you need. As our data integration process converts the data into a reliable quality and structure, your models can be trained without additional effort. Automated optimization processes ensure that each model is perfectly tuned. Already during training, the platform monitors the model to identify and eliminate classic pitfalls.


Zero Time Deployment

Our goal is to make your project operational. We don't just do data science -- we engineer complete AI applications. Our platform provides a large number of interfaces to forecasts tailored to your specific needs. And all our models are compatible, so productive operation is only one click away. No more costly follow-up projects necessary!

Quality Monitoring

We create confidence in AI with a broad evaluation suite to constantly monitor our models. The exact requirements may differ with your project and are hard to generalize. If you require a higher accuracy, just report back at any time. Our platform automatically translates your feedback into actions and identifies possible model adjustments, which you can accept just in time.

Continuous Optimization

In order to remain accurate, a machine learning model must adapt to the new data. Models running on our platform are automatically trained at short intervals to ensure the best possible performance at all times. If the available data changes, the models are revised in close cooperation with you. We check whether the current models are still suitable and examine additional possibilities to even further improve the prediction quality.

Our Team

Building AI-based systems requires excellence in cutting edge technologies and at the same time ambition for simple economic solutions. That’s why we’ve put both into our team.

Nils Schwenzfeier




    Ole Meyer




      Our Publications

      Our work roots in science. And we still do science. We submit our methods, tools, and techniques to scientific venues and have them peer-reviewed by the scientific community. To make sure everything we do is rock solid. Here is a list of our recent work.


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